As the grapes ripen, their sugar content is frequently measured so that the harvest begins when maturation is at its peak.

All the grapes are hand picked, which
allows us to select only the bunches in prime condition.
These are carefully placed in cases and taken down to the winery as soon as possible. Here the grapes are taken off the stalks without hurting the fruit, then pressed. The juice and skins are transferred to 50 hl steel fermentation vats, each vat containing the product of one day's harvesting.


At least twice a day during the fermentation process the skins, which naturally float to the surface, are pressed down by soaking them from above with fermenting must gently pumped up from below. This allows the skins to impart greater color and aroma to the future wine. During the whole process the temperature of the fermenting wine is recorded, but not controlled, since it is not our intention to standardize our wine from one vintage to the next.

Once fermentation is completed, we separate the wine from the skins and then gently press the latter. The residual skins are ultimately dispatched to our distillers, to make grappa.