Once the wine has been separated from the skins we leave it in stainless steel vats for around three weeks before pumping it into another container so that we can remove the lees.

At this point the wine is ready to go into wooden casks: oval shaped ones containing 3000 liters, 500 liter tonneaux and the smaller 225 liter French barriques. This is where the secondary, or malolactic fermentation takes place, a process that mitigates the wine's natural acidity, making it more rounded and balanced.

Ageing in wood varies in duration in relation to the wine being made. The Brunello matures in wood for at least two years, and the other two wines for at least 6 months. During this period we also undertake occasional batonnage, which means stirring the lees.

WHen the oenologist decides that the wine is ready, the various casks containing a particular wine are emptied into a large steel vat for blending. Here it also undergoes stabilization, and when necessary filtering prior to bottling.

We only use new Bordeaux style bottles and prime quality natural corks.

Prior to release, the bottles are stocked for due ageing in a temperature-controlled environment in our own cellars.